Night Bus or Milk Train

by The Scratch

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On the surface, The Scratch could be just another indie band, but once you get past the first three or four tunes on Night Bus Or Milk Train, you realise that something a little bit special is going on here. They come across like a mildly nu-punk version of The Coral, tightly crafted guitar pop music interwoven with the odd synth or sample - not overused in the slightest. 'Stranger' even takes a different course and sounds very Eighties, like Midge Ure with new toys on Christmas. The guitar work is excellent, there are some damn fine riffs on this record and they seem genuinly keen to do something just a little bit different. In every verse you can hear shades of influences ranging from The Libertines to The Human League. The real gems are in the second half of the album, 'Out Faking The Fakers' and 'Smell The Gas Taps' being highlights. It's a fine effort, and one that sounds like things are only just beginning.[is this music]


released August 26, 2006


all rights reserved



The Scratch Сейнт Олбанс, UK

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Track Name: Numbers
playin’ the numbers game
aint it such a shame
we try so hard to compete
we’re cannon fodder
for the elite
push u all up to the bar
and tell us who our friends are
then drive them all insane
with the night bus or
the milk train
The streets are full of ex-champs
and tramps with tranny amps
like it or not
constructions wot we got
get a few quid for all this stress
get on your knees and
pray 4 the next
round on the merry-go-round
with the ups always bein
bullied by the downs
Track Name: Strange 4play
Strange 4Play
the freedom and the scissors
the long words and the shock
it started in the paper
and ended in cock rock
never did she give herself away
almost once or twice
kept the myth a mystery
and added extra spice
when the adrenalin wears off
the pain kicks in
pacing days and aftersun
unfaithful secretary pose
i guess the twist in the ending is
how all the best west end plays go
Track Name: Dial Xero
you got control
dressed in your
brand new rags
you talk the talk
about who is
this weeks bag
same old scene
dressed in a new disguise
all the young dudes
are lappin’ up your lies
when u dial xero for mother
because u’re
playin’ by their rules
u don’t u realize
they’re playin’ u 4 fools
Track Name: Stranger
he’s a fat slob
she’s got the mouth of a dog
i got the urge 4 sex
he shows me no respect
he’s always workin’ in late
she’s always festerin’ hate
but ’til the kids are older
we’ll use each others shoulders
we got equal divisions
of good versus evil
’tween the birds & bees
and machines & the people
and ’til the kids are older
we’ll use each others shoulders
and ’til the kids are older
(now i’m a stanger)
we’ll use each others shoulders
(bit the tongue of the young
i’m a stanger)
he loves watchin tv
she wants to get out and live
he wants easy life
despite their worst endeavours
they’re gonna be together
’til the kids are older
Track Name: Critical Mass
wot really makes your fire burn
wot makes you want to scream
do u shuffle through the city streets
or chase the teenage dream
did u know you are unique
or do others 4 you speak
it doesn’t matter who u are
take a short cut to be a star
yeah she can move
we can mould her
feel his appeal
he’s gonna be our little soldier
be our little soldier
is Mass produced appealing?
it doesn’t have to have a meaning
as long as it makes critical mass
its bland but makes fast cash
Track Name: Sister Psychosis
you had it all ‘til she pulled the plug
she ravaged u like a superbug
love is the most dangerous drug
u gotta never take your friendships
4 granted so rude was the wake up call
left your pride feelin’
humble and small
complacency’s the most
dangerous of all
it’s when the seeds of doubt
get implanted
she said
inject some spice into my life
needle dick
make it real i need appeal
i feel sick
sister psychosis
queen of pain and bliss
Track Name: Chocolate Lemonade
she swayed both ways
as she entered the room
hostile fertile a rose in full bloom
a sonic esculation
on a subconscious trip
a 3d fantasy pop comic strip
she don’t care about her hair
as long as its clean
you’re like a fly
on my favourite meal
but i’m so hungry
i forgot my ideals
she don’t care about her hair
nothing less masculine
has made such a stand
or more powerful
than any other man
the trapese between the knees
and the shoulder blades
hot to share milk milk
chocolate lemonade
Track Name: Dear Maniac
i’m jealous and i’m confused
i can’t sleep when i think of u
i’ve made everybody miserable
and i’m scared and vulnerable
dear maniac ... i think i love you
dear maniac ... i think i do
dear maniac ... i think i love you
dear maniac ... it’s true
i’m pesimistic an optomist
i’m skint and alone
i want everybody here
i want a commune in my home
i gotta get some quiet
i gotta get it off my chest
i’ve got to run and hide in spain
to come home at my best
i gotta do it now
cos 2moro is 2 late
but I am 2 shy 2 ask
so I guess I’ll have 2 wait
Track Name: Out Faking the Fakers
we’re all middle class
we’re all kissin’ some arse
cool 2 b the ruff
at the back of the class
we’ve all got history
and things we want 2 hide
it’s not where u’re from
it’s wots beatin’ on the inside
out fakin’ the fakers
out fakin’ the fakes,
out fakin’ the fakers
we’re makin’ our
own mistakes
Track Name: Smell the Gas Taps
saddled with a mortgage
feelin' like an ostrich
ready brek and penthouse
firey little doormouse
x-ray relax, I'm gonna hava relapse
5 minutes under water
I can smell the gas taps
need a suit of armour
to asssit my pursuit of karma
so when excess sounds the alarm
i live to fight another day
gotta little mini
that I wear on my hips
I gotta a push up bra
and a big sports car
for when I'm taking trips
smell the gas taps x-ray relax
Track Name: Bliss
i’ve had redder eyes than this
and i’ve, i’ve felt razors in your kiss
and i’ve waited for this bliss
beauty is in mass not size
can’t u feel it in their eyes
reality has no reply
no replies
wash away the pain
scrub away at the bluest vein
open up the wound
and salt it well
in terms of derision
i’ve made my inscision
but if i try hard
i can blur this vision
Track Name: Undercover
This is the come back from the comedown
It is the aftershock from the newsound
It is the hot thing brought to your table
It is the fi re thatʼs so unstable
It is the wakeup from the coma
It is the bliss to dis a misnoma
Itʼs the adrenalin of a mudslide
A 3-6-0 of a broadside
It is the lover u got undercover
and youʼll love it more than your mother
It is the lover u got undercover
and youʼll love it more than your mother
I may be broke canʼt afford the coke
but Iʼd rather rockʼnʼroll than be a corporate joke
I may be broke canʼt afford the coke
but Iʼd rather rockʼnʼroll than be a corporate joke